Virtual CIO/CTO Services

What is Virtual CIO and Virtual CTO services?

vCIO & vCTO stands for “Virtual Chief Information Officer” and “Virtual Chief Technology Officer”. With a vCIO/vCTO, you have access to the knowledge and expertise of a CIO (Chief Information Officer) or a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) without the expense of having a full-time officer on staff. Beyond the cost savings of a full-time employee, access to a vCIO/vCTO provides your business with a high-level technology expert with a deep understanding of business management. A vCIO/vCTO will provide you with insight into how implementing the right technology, at the right time can take your business to the next level.

How a vCIO/vCTO can help your bottom line?

  • Decrease the costs of IT expertise
  • Increase your business’s agility
  • Meet every IT challenge
  • Align IT with your business goals
  • Create a living strategic roadmap for success
  • Benefit from Infiniti Systems industry-proven results-based methodology

With today’s job market and fast-moving technology, a Infiniti Systems vCIO/vCTO solution can help you manage the strategy and execution of cloud-based initiatives, collaboration, virtualization, security, and streamlining of your business process. The result? More productivity, increased marketplace agility, and big-picture corporate goals become achievable.  A Infiniti Systems vCIO/vCTO solution gives you the ability to seize opportunities quickly…opportunities you may only get once.

Services Infiniti Systems provides:

  • Providing vendor independent and unbiased solutions for business and technology decisions
  • Establishing and leading of an IT Steering Committee
  • Provide IT growth strategy and long term planning
  • Create IT Department structure based on best practices
  • Assess skill set of current staff
  • IT budget initiatives and cost accounting
  • Establish hardware standards and life-cycles
  • Engage leadership in IT initiatives
  • Quarterly, onsite client meetings
  • One monthly senior leader/IT steering conference call, one hour in duration
  • Provide strategic and tactical planning, development, evaluation, and coordination of the information and technology systems for the client network.
  • Facilitate communication between staff, management, vendors, and other technology resources within the client organization.
  • Planning and design of client information systems, including local area networks (LAN) and wide-area networks (WAN).
  • Management of information and communications systems and projects, including voice, data, imaging, and office automation.

All businesses need someone to complete the tasks and responsibilities typically assigned to a CIO/CTO, and Infiniti Systems will help you distinguish your business’ specific requirements.  Infiniti Systems can determine what your technology needs are, then together we can determine the right vCIO/vCTO solution for your business.

In a conversation with Infiniti Systems we will review some of the following topics:

  • Number of Employees
    Generally speaking, organizations with less than 250 employees may not need an on-staff CIO/CTO. However, this largely depends on the extent of how your business relies on technology for operation and growth.
  • Role Technology Plays in Your Business
    We’ll work through questions such as: What applications do your employees and customers depend on? What are your security requirements? What data access needs do you have?
  • Growth Plans
    We’ll also discuss your future growth plans to help determine what your current infrastructure needs are and also assist with anticipating what your future technology needs will be.
  • Business Objectives
    Together we’ll determine how technology will help you achieve your goals, as well as what technology you will need to reach those goals.

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