Technology Consulting

With Infiniti Systems, you have access to the knowledge and expertise of highly qualified technical advisors without the expense of having a full-time IT Director or IT Manager on staff. Beyond the cost savings of a full-time employee, access to Infiniti Systems provides your business with high-level technology experts who have a deep understanding of business management. Infiniti Systems will provide you with insight into how implementing the right technology, at the right time can take your business to the next level.

How can Infiniti Systems help your business?

  • Staff Augmentation.
  • Vacation & sick leave coverage.
  • Decrease the costs of IT expertise.
  • Align IT with your business goals.
  • Provide guidance with IT related challenges.
  • Benefit from Infiniti Systems industry-proven results-based methodology.
  • Increase your business’s agility.
  • Create a living strategic roadmap for success.

With today’s job market and fast-moving technology, Infiniti Systems technical advisors can help manage the strategy and execution of web and cloud-based initiatives, collaboration, virtualization, security, and streamlining of your business process. The result? More productivity, increased marketplace agility, and big-picture corporate goals become achievable. Having Infiniti Systems technical advisors gives you the ability to seize opportunities quickly…opportunities you may only get once.

Services Infiniti Systems provides:

  • Providing vendor independent and unbiased solutions for business and technology decisions.
  • Website Design & Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing and Management
  • Monthly review/assessment of all IT related billing.
  • IT budget initiatives and cost accounting.
  • Establish hardware standards and life-cycles (including: computers, printers, copiers/scanners, phone systems, mobile devices and internet providers)
  • Provide IT growth strategy and long term planning.
  • Provide evaluation, planning and development of the Information and Technology systems.
  • Facilitate communication between staff, management, vendors, and other technology resources within the client organization.
  • Quarterly, onsite client meetings.
  • One monthly senior leader/IT steering conference call.
  • Planning and design of client information systems, including local area networks (LAN) and wide-area networks (WAN) office automation.
  • Management of information and communications systems and projects, including voice, data, imaging, and office automation.

All businesses need someone to complete the tasks and responsibilities typically assigned to a IT Manager or IT Director, and Infiniti Systems will help you distinguish your business’ specific requirements.  Infiniti Systems can determine what your technology needs are, then together we can determine the right solution for your business.

In a conversation with Infiniti Systems we will review some of the following topics:

  • Role Technology Plays in Your Business
    We’ll work through questions such as: What applications do your employees and customers depend on? What are your security requirements? What data access needs do you have?
  • Growth Plans
    We’ll also discuss your future growth plans to help determine what your current infrastructure needs are and also assist with anticipating what your future technology needs will be.
  • Business Objectives
    Together we’ll determine how technology will help you achieve your goals, as well as what technology you will need to reach those goals.

Find out how Infiniti Systems can assist your business with “All things related to technology”. Ready to get started? Call us today! 501-436-9220.